Monday, April 6, 2015

A Power-Packed, Fun-Filled Weekend

I had a wonderful Easter weekend. For starters, I attended (via a television cable broadcast) my church's twice yearly world-wide conference. I watched four two-hour sessions power packed with amazing inspiration and guidance from church leaders. Over the next six months, I plan to revisit the three dozen talks given in those conference sessions (including those given in two additional sessions - Priesthood and Relief Society). But, this week, I plan on super-focusing on two talks that stood out in particular - the talk on the prodigal son given by Brent H. Neilson, and the talk about strengthening our faith in Jesus Christ by Rosemary M. Wixom (watch or listen to those Sunday morning talks here). I have much to learn from both talks. I am so grateful for spiritual feasts like the one my family participated in this weekend.

I am also grateful for the other memories I made with my family over the last few days - hosting our favorite Danish exchange student for the weekend (she stays with us when her host family is out of town), celebrating my daughter's 16th birthday, watching my 12-year-old son play soccer, and having the missionaries over for dinner and an Easter devotional (the elders and the sisters). The weekend was busy, that's for sure, but it was also refreshing and fun. I am truly grateful for weekends that allow me to really focus on the things that matter most - Family and Faith. Have a great week!

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